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WP Media is a bootstrapped, remote startup of 35 people based all around the world. We are mostly focused on the WordPress market.


  1. WP Rocket caching plugin launching

  2. WP Media founded in France

  3. Imagify services launching

  4. NOW

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Our Products WordPress & SaaS

We Make the Web Faster

Is your WordPress website too slow?

An instant speed boost for your WordPress website.

WP Rocket

Your Website Will Be Faster than Ever!

The stats on WP Rocket
2,095,000 sites in orbit 222,000 happy customers

We Make the Web Lighter

Are your images too big?

Make them lighter than a feather and improve your website load time!


Your Website Will Be Lighter than Ever!

The stats on Imagify
5,096,574,000 optimized images 969,000 users

Our Team meet the crew

Jonathan Buttigieg

CPO—The Consultant

Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier

CEO—Python Lover

Lucy Beer

Customer Happiness-Problem Solver

Marko Nikolic

Customer Happiness—Problem Solver

Rémy Perona

Software Engineer—Rocket Tinkerer

Shelley Denise

Customer Happiness—Problem Solver

Romain Vincent

Customer Happiness—Rocket Solutioneer

Vasilis Manthos

Customer Happiness—Questions Tamer

Agathe Medvedieff

CMO—Marketing Enthusiast

Jessica Hays

Administrative & HR Manager—Wellness Designer

Piotr Bak

Customer Happiness-Speed—Obsessed Rocketeer

Camila Madroñero

Customer Happiness—Fixes Master

Alfonso Catrón

Customer Happiness—Rocket Fueler”

Mirna Freitez

Customer Happiness—Problems into smiles converter

Violeta Bru

Customer Happiness—Rocket Helper

Adina Dikmen

Online Sales Support

Ioanna Nikolakoudi

Customer Happiness—Riddle solver

Jurica Zuanović

Customer Happiness—Problem Solutionista

Marija Nikolic Dzavic

Digital Marketer

Nadia Corona

Affiliates and Partners Manager

Ahmed Saeed

Software Engineer—The Jocker

Caspar Green

Software Engineer

Adame Dahmani

Customer Happiness—Speedomaniac

Natalia Drause

Customer Happiness

Sandy Figueroa

Customer Happiness—Happiness Coder

Joseph DiSalvo

Customer Happiness—Solution Sage

Jorge Martinez

Customer Happiness—Solutions Seeker

John Gathure

Software Engineer

Albert Cintas Vilaró

DevOps Engineer

Valentina Orlandi

Content Marketer—Passionate reader

Mai Saad

Staff QA Engineer

Caroline Wood

Brand and Communication Specialist—Wannabe Writer

Mostafa Hisham

Software Engineer—Aka System

Hervé Villemin

Associate Software Engineer

Aleksandar Zivković

Customer Happiness—Tech Guru

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Why Work With Us?

Work where you want
We believe it's ideal to work in a location you love that inspires you. Your teammates will be distributed around the world so you'll experience cultural diversity.
Many perks
Unlimited vacation policy, flexible hours, transparent salary grid, bonuses, equities, friendly team and much more!
Meeting up
Once a year, we do a startup retreat in a great place so that the whole team can meet in-person, and enjoy some time together.

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