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5 questions you must ask yourself before launching your product: Our SecuPress experience

Read more July 6, 2017

WordCamp Harare 2017


In November 2017, Caspar from our customer support team traveled to WordCamp Harare in Zimbabwe as a speaker. He seemed extraordinarily impressed, so we thought we’d ask him a couple of questions about his journey.

3 questions to build the vision and culture for your company


People in general often think that having a nice office with Ping Pong tables and motivational posters is part of company culture. At WP Media we believe that it’s much more than that. We recently worked on writing our culture and company vision: this is a huge undertaking and we would like to share first […]

2017 WP Media Startup Retreat

Startup Retreat

When 16 people pack their bags for a week, fly in from 7 different countries to meet at beautiful villa in the hills of Ibiza, you know this isn’t your typical getaway. Sure, you have the aqua-blue Mediterranean ocean and the sounds and energy of this island  destination. Even more, it served as the location […]

How we think about design at WP Media

Team Speaking

Hi ! I’m Matthieu Bousendorfer, Art Director at WP Media since June 2015 (yay!) I’m the only designer at the company (at the moment) and my job is to imagine, design and maintain the look and feel of all our products and plugins. Today, I want to give you some insight on how we imagine […]

Our Experience From WordCamp Europe


A couple of weeks ago, half of the WP Media team had the great privilege to attend WordCamp Europe, in Paris, France. We’ve been to many WordCamps (Bilbao, Berlin, Torino, Bordeaux e.g. this year) and WCEU (WordCamp Europe) was an absolute blast! How many of you have never heard of WordCamps before? A WordCamp is […]