October 9, 2017

2017 WP Media Startup Retreat

When 16 people pack their bags for a week, fly in from 7 different countries to meet at beautiful villa in the hills of Ibiza, you know this isn’t your typical getaway.

Sure, you have the aqua-blue Mediterranean ocean and the sounds and energy of this island  destination. Even more, it served as the location for a reunion of teammates who work remotely to collaborate, learn, and just have a great time with each other.

This was the 2017 WP Media Startup Retreat. Let’s dive in 🙂

The house was the perfect spot to call home and office for a week. With ample space for work, but also opportunities to take in a serene view of the island, lounge and swim, it was certainly different from our day-to-day routines!

Since we are a remote team, most of our interactions are over Slack sending group and individual messages or the occasional Zoom video meetings. While quite a bit can be communicated with emojis, gifs and our floating heads on a screen, it was absolutely priceless to be able to spend time with each other in person. We learned more about each other’s interests, families, and gained an appreciation for who we are beyond the avatars.

We also took advantage of all being in one place by working together and having meetings to discuss our ongoing projects, conduct trainings, and collectively focus on our goals as a company.

Over the past year, our company has seen significant changes in business, our products (Imagify and WP Rocket), and with new teammates. So it was the perfect time to think of our values and mission to help fuel our growth from a start up to an enduring company.

One of the other highlights of the retreat was mealtime (or as we like to say “miam, miam time” 😉 ). Our lunches and dinners were absolutely charmed by talented chef, Federica Rotta. We’ll let the images do the talking, but we left the table full and happy after every meal.

We also grew quite fond of the local food and drink offerings. Pijo potato chips, choice Spanish charcuterie, Don Simon Sangria and San Miguel beer were on a healthy rotation.

It wasn’t all work and no play! We were in Ibiza after all ;). On the weekend, we were given an opportunity to participate in activities around the island. Some of us spent a relaxing day at the gorgeous country-side spa, Atzaró. We lounged in bali beds, ate a delicious multi-course meal, drinks, pool, sauna, massage…repeat.

Another group took a boat out to sea to explore the neighboring Formentera island. Adventures included swimming in clear water with sea creatures (while avoiding jellyfish) and seeing amazing views within the boat’s reach.

At the house, we had our choice of games from the infamous Nintendo Switch Mario Kart matches and the funny yet obscure Tokyo Train.

However, the ultimate competition was our own “Battle of the Bartenders.” The team split into small groups that were challenged to create both a traditional and unique drink of their choice. The judges then rated them on taste and presentation. Everyone put so much thought and creativity into the contest and the results were also awesome to drink!

On our final day together, we packed dinner, hopped in the van and enjoyed our last sunset in Ibiza by the beach. There was more laughter, conversations about our next steps as a company, and enjoying being around one another. As the sun set on our crew, it was a fantastic reminder of how a diverse group of people can bring their talents and work towards a common goal to create something meaningful.

It was a fitting end to a great retreat.
Explore more of our trip with the hashtag #WPMR17 on Instagram and Twitter!

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