May 26, 2017

Our Experience From WordCamp Europe

A couple of weeks ago, half of the WP Media team had the great privilege to attend WordCamp Europe, in Paris, France. We’ve been to many WordCamps (Bilbao, Berlin, Torino, Bordeaux e.g. this year) and WCEU (WordCamp Europe) was an absolute blast!

How many of you have never heard of WordCamps before? A WordCamp is a community organized event, with presentations focused on WordPress. This is the perfect place to meet WordPress users, developers, companies, members of the WordPress community and to learn from the experts on stage.

For us, going to WordCamps is one of the best ways to get to know more of our customers, to meet our partners and potential new ones, and of course, to spend time together. As a remote team, we take every opportunity to spend “in real life” time in the same city together 🙂

As a team – let’s have a good time together

WP Media is a remote startup of 18 people based all around the world: Los Angeles, Dallas, Marion, Montreal, Paris, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Lyon, Potsdam, Genova, Warsow, Belgrade …  So being all together, not in the same country, but in the same city is always a huge organizational challenge (let’s talk later about our startup retreat!).

9 of our team were in Paris for the WordCamp: it was a pleasure to have this opportunity to spend 3 days together … and above all in Paris!

Thanks to Olivier Gobet for the photo 🙂

We also took the time to have private moments, and discussions about the goals of the company, like the meetup we want to organize between people in product support or simply getting to know each other.

The after party was the perfect ending to celebrate and have a good time together.

As speakers – we share our experiences with the community

Alice Orrù and Caspar Hübinger, two members of our lovely and fantastic WP Rocket support team were speakers at the WordCamp.
We were (and still are) so proud of them: first to have the courage and the generosity to apply and be on stage, but also finding those inspiring topics.

Alice Orrù gave a great talk about how she started working in customer support for a popular WordPress plugin as a total newbie.

We were very moved by her testimonial, about how she fought her fears and chose to believe in her abilities, to apply as a support engineer for WP Rocket. We hope this talk might motivate and help more people to dare to take the next step forward in their WordPress journey.

Caspar Hübinger raised the thorny problem of the many male-centric terms used in the WordPress UI with his talk “Big Little Shame — a Tale of Empowered User Experience Through Localisation”.

This topic is really ambitious because it’s very complex to explain, but Caspar was eminently successful in doing that.

Watch the video

As organizers and volunteers – we give back to the community

A good way to give back and contribute to the WordPress community is to be a WordCamp organizer or volunteer. Working with an Open Source solution comes with the responsibility to be part of the solution – to give back and not only take advantage of WordPress.

Wearing the purple “crew” t-shirt for those 3 days was a rewarding experience, personally and  professionally, working with top WordPress figures from various companies and countries.

As attendees – we listen and learn from great people

During WordCamp Europe, we also had the opportunity to attend great talks from high level people.

John Maeda: The three kinds of Design

“He really brought into perspective the intersection between design and development. His words about how teams need to work together/ eat together to understand each other were brilliant! “ Renee, WP Rocket Customer Happiness

Petya Raykovska: WordPress Beyond Borders – Cross Cultural Communication and the Fundamentals of Caring

“Petya’s talk was very personal and set a nice energy for the event”,
Caspar, WP Rocket Customer Happiness

Heather Burns: Making Your Voice Heard – How To Win Friends And Influence Policy

“I found a very interesting point of view in Heather Burns’ talk. She talked about merging the values of the WordPress community with Internet governance.”
Alice, WP Rocket Customer Happiness

Joshua Strebel: Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your business + 2 Proven Ways to Succeed”

“Joshua Strebel shared very interesting details about running a company and dealing with common problems you may encounter”
Alice, WP Rocket Customer Happiness

Thabo Tswana: The Community That The Incubator Program Built

After this talk, we were totally excited by the idea to go to Harare, Zimbabwe in November.
Hope to see you there 🙂

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